Turkey’s most advanced technology with Biruni University Faculty of Dentistry Hospital, our intraoral imaging systems makes it easier, especially with the hard tissues of the teeth and jaw bone disorder diagnosis and treatment.

Within the scope of diagnostic methods, advanced techniques are used where traditional techniques such as x-rays are used and supported by tomography, in which an exact three-dimensional bone model of the patient is obtained.

In this way, the operation plan can be made exactly by making a definitive diagnosis before oral and dental treatment.

One of the factors that increase the success in the treatment of oral and dental diseases in order to be successful during diagnosis and treatment is the multidisciplinary work of all specialties.

  • Dental Volumetric Tomography
  • Hand-Wrist Graphy
  • Panoramic Graphy
  • Cephalometric Graphy
  • Single Tooth Graphies (RVG)
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Graph